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A pilot's peril  
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Sunday, 03 October 2004

I work at Lockheed-Martin in Eagan. The employer has known about a building wide 'cladosporium' problem for over a year, and I have been living in an environment where the visible colonies of the mold have grown since the tests ordered by my physician confirmed the cladosporium content was 940 c.f.u.'s per cm. and at 96 percent purity. The employer has also been removing asbestos throughout the building without the appropriate permits or safety monitoring of the air in the building, and out of about 1000+ people, about 100 have lung ailments that vary from 'difficulty breathing' all the way to severe, never ending 'lung infections' that their doctors are treating. The company retaliates and tries to fire all of us who are affected, and denies the air quality problems are real. They also do not provide us with the minimum 15 c.f.m. fresh outside air in the building, either, this being perhaps one of the exacerbating problems which continue to make so many of us sick from the mold in the air ducts.


The Bothersome Bathroom  
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Sunday, 03 October 2004


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