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Toxic Mold And Cushing's Disease; Coincidence?   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Sunday, 03 October 2004

My daughter moved into a vacant mobile home about a year ago. She was having a lot of water problems in the bathroom. My brother went there to pull up the old floor and came in contact with stachybotrys he became very ill and was hospitalized for weeks.

Even after he was discharged he was very ill for many months. We questioned about the mold still being in the home and my brother said that he thought that he had got all of it out but the home still smells of mold very badly their clothes and any thing in their home smells like mold.

That was a year ago since then my daughter has become very ill she has developed Cushing's syndrome which the doctors haven't found out why she has developed this I was told it usually comes from lung cancer. But we don't know the source of the disease yet and how or why it has developed but I have a strong feeling it is from that house.

I don't know much about stachybotrys but I know that my brother became very ill from coming in contact with it and considering my daughter lives and breathes in this house which reeks of mold I just think it has to do with the mold in her house that has caused this illness she is now enduring.

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