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A Massachusetts mold mystery   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Sunday, 03 October 2004

On Sept 5, 2000 I was admitted to Berkshire medical center in Pittsfield Mass. with acute respiratory distress at that time from an unknown source. Shortly after my addition I worsened and an elective intubations was performed and I was placed in intensive care.

Several days later I was exuberated and a team of pulmonary specialists launched an investigation on the cause of my sickness, at that time it seemed to be a mystery and they had already eliminated all other possibilities testing wise. My diagnosis was (hp) hypersensitivity pneumonitis, from inhaled organic dust. though it was based on historical information and failure to identify an alternative diagnosis and my rapid response to therapy.

After being interrogated by the doctors I told them that I had a moldy musty smell coming from heating/Air condition registers every time I use the air conditioner and it started back in June of 2000 and I had been mildly sick two other times but not nearly as critical as this time. I never made any connection to being sick and the mold smell. upon my discharge from the hospital it was strongly recommended that I not return to my home until eradication of the mold could be complete. However, from a practical stand this would be impossible because I had nowhere to go.

I did however, do some projects to try and improve my living environment, but to no avail, I got sick again, not as critical but nothing mildly either I have since moved from that house June 2002 the mold is still their my home owners insurance would not pay one dime to remove the mold even thou the cause of the mold was from a previous roof leak that was covered under my policy, anyway, since Sept 2000 I still have not recovered from the mold exposure I'm currently being treated by the pulmonary team at the university of Massachusetts memorial hospital and I'm taking so many medications every day I feel like a walking pharmacy and their seems theirs no end to recovery or if i ever will.

Jenny L.

Pittsfield, Massachusetts

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