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Black Mold Closes Firehouse Indefinitely   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Thursday, 24 October 2002

Organization: Mylous Hairston reports

Niagara Falls NY, October 24, 2002 - A Niagara Falls firehouse is closed indefinitely Thursday - not because of budget cuts, but because of black mold.

It was moving day at Firehouse #9 in Niagara Falls. Firefighters spent the day covering cups, dishes and other equipment.

Battalion Chief Dennis Long said, "We've had mold develop in the fire hall." Peeling paint inside the firehouse reveals the source of the problem. Water running down the wall into the basement is causing a problem that must now be corrected.

Chief Long said, "We had the Niagara County Health Department come in and test and it was determined it wasn't a healthy environment."

The Niagara County Health Department confirms tests were conducted at six firehouses in the Falls in February. The test results in March revealed this location on Military Road was by far, the worst.

Chief Long said, "We had several individuals claiming they were becoming ill working in the hall. I think we had some doctors verification at least from one fella that he was ill because of the hall."

A health department administrator tells News 4 there is no enforceable indoor air standard and that in most cases the mold causes allergy-like symptoms and that the problem at this firehouse is caused by moisture problems in the basement and the attic.

Meanwhile, firefighters here are moving, temporarily to another firehouse 10 blocks away. Chief Long said, "The response times will be a little longer but we'll have to put up with that unitl the hall is cleaned."

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