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Ohio family spends thousands to rid mold from home   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Wednesday, 01 December 2004

Problem Discovered After Home Warranty Expired


An Ohio woman's house was nearly destroyed by black mold, and it's costing her tens of thousands of dollars to have the home fixed.


Gloria Rakosky had no idea what they were getting into when they bought their Tudor home in 2003 for nearly $275,000.


In the past few months, their home has resembled a money pit, the couple has spent money tearing it apart after discovering mold under the walls.  "We have workmen here all the time," Rakosky said. "They're coming and going."


The discovery came after they noticed a window bowing out. When they went to replace it, black, rotted wood was behind the drywall.  They even found black and green mold filling the vents.


Now Rakosky thinks she knows why she and her husband, a doctor, are always sick. Between the two of them they take nearly 20 prescription and over-the-counter medications every day.  "The whole house is divided by sheets of plastic, Bowersock reported. There is plastic everywhere to protect rooms and stacks of books, even though the Rakoskys have been in the home for more than a year, it looks as if they just moved in.


"All I'm doing is just cleaning and moving and struggling and picking up things," Gloria Rakosky said. "I'm wrecking my back, and I'm making myself tired and exhausted. My husband and I are just miserable."


The mold was discovered after her home warranty expired, Bowersock reported.  As best she can tell, her homeowner's insurance also won't cover the cost of getting rid of the mold.


Four different state agencies in Ohio stated that without knowing the specifics of their case, they say in most mold cases, this is something the Rakoskys would have to settle by going to court.

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