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Mold problems at Lubbock apartment complex   PDF  Print  E-mail 
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Thursday, 03 March 2005


TX - Indoor mold is becoming a national epidemic as it is recognized as a health threat stemmng from defectiive buildings and strange climate trends.  More research has come out recently that demonstrates the dangerous effects of fungal exposure, especially with toxagenic molds.  Mold can grow in any damp environment and one Lubbock woman says condensation has turned her windows into breeding grounds for the fungus. Angela Lateef got her mold tested at Texas Tech`s Center For Indoor Air Research. While the mold was not toxic black mold, experts say exposure to high levels of any type of mold may be causing her family`s health troubles. And there are many types of mold (other than black mold) that can cause permanent neurological and iimmunological damage, as well as respiratory conditions.  "What Angela needs to do, I think, is probably get away from that source of mold," suggests Dr. Stephen Wilson, an assistant professor at Tech. "That`s certainly, the source of moisture intrusion that allows the mold to grow in the first place needs to be addressed."
"I will be getting with the landlord and seeing if they can resolve the issue, or at least move to another apartment ...," says Lateef.
Managers at the apartments where Lateef lives claims they are already working on fixing her mold problem. 

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