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Anti-fungal drugs may help prevent breast cancer   PDF  Print  E-mail 
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Thursday, 10 March 2005

March 09, 2005

A study indicates that women who take anti-fungal drugs such as Arimidex may prevent from 70 to 80 percent of breast tumors that form after menopause. Women taking the drug for five years after being treated for breast cancer were less likely to have a recurrence or to have the disease metastasize through their body.

Every woman lives in fear that during a physical exam she will be told that a mass was detected and further testing will be required.
A number of interesting drugs have been introduced with anti-cancer or cancer prevention properties that are in the same category as anti-fungal medications.
According to reports, anastrozole clearly outperforms tamoxifen and should be the first choice of treatment for most women who have "had" the disease.
One of the drugs used for advanced prostate cancer, ketoconazole, is the same drug often prescribed for Valley Fever.
All these drugs are anti-fungal, and some are being used in cancer treatment as highly effective medication.
In the 1930's, Nobel Prize winner, Otto Warburg, proved that cancer cells were anaerobic cells.
Anaerobic cancer cells, only extract 5% of the available energy that normal cells get.
That is why 40% of cancer patients who die, die from cachexia, a form of wasting away from malnutrition.
High blood sugar decreases the risk of survival.
Many researchers believe that cancer cells are opportunistic fungi and parasites, and that some herbs and high oxygen nutrition (pH) would be effective ways to combat cancer and fungal infections.
The cells become resistant to the medication and are sometimes referred to as chemo resistant cancers.
What you can do naturally, drugs companies are trying to do with drugs.
New medications, like erbitux and avastin, when first introduced a few years ago, where touted as cures for cancer.
Imclones, "Erbitux", prevented or inhibited the tumor from forming by blocking a protein.
What they are trying to do with drugs can be done with foods.
Recently we have heard a lot about an amazing new nutritional product derived from soybean, called nattokinase.
Mannoheptulose inhibits the conversion of carbohydrates into glucose, by blocking the enzyme glucokinase.

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