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Tuesday, 10 May 2005

Written by: Susan Roberts

In our continuing efforts to bring you the latest news, updates and truthful information on current mold stories, we welcome your stories, personal experiences, suggestions, editorial letters, commentary and opinions for the Mold Help website.

Submissions must include original/re-write author's names and contact information.  Contact information is for our records and will not be disclosed to the general public.  No anonymous stories wiil be accepted.  If you do not want your name to be printed, you may request so, but you must supply us with contact information.

Although we do all that we can to follow-up and verify our guest submissions, we cannot accept liability or responsibility for errors.  The content of guest submissions are solely the expressed opinions and ideas of said authors.

Please send your stories via our online form.  Any attempts to send direct submissions, attachments, or spam to this domain wiill be re-routed, traced, and reported.

All submissions become the sole property of the Mold Help Organization, therefore we have the exclusive rights to edit, diistribute, delete, and/or publish this material at our soul discression.  Controversial and opinionated input is welcome and appreciated, however, due to the high volume of mail we receive, we cannot promise to post all submissions. 

We assume no responsiblity for printing guest commentary opinions, nor do we admit to agreement of such opinions by re-print of such articles. 

We have the right to edit any submited article for grammatical purposes, but will not alter the overall content of the author's opinion of such subject matter.

Note:  MH and all affliliate websites are on a very secure network, therefore, any mail that is attempted to be sent with attachments, innapropriate content/wording, advertisements, viruses, non-specific subject content, etc., will be auto-rejected and reported by our security company to all applicable agencies and ISP's involved.  We have a zero tolerency policy for malicious mischief and will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law or civil authories.


Last Updated (Monday, 26 December 2005)

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