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Friday, 01 September 2006

The House Plant Remedy

According to the latest research, English ivy may help fight allergies by removing allergens (including mold spores) from the air. And the longer you leave it in place, the cleaner your air will be.

To test this plant, scientists put some moldy bread and some dog feces into containers. As they kicked off the study, they measured how much of each contaminant was in the air inside the containers. Then they added English ivy into the mix, took baseline measurements, and repeated the tests six hours, then 12 hours later.

After six hours, the ivy had obliterated 60 percent of the airborne mold, and 58 percent of the airborne feces. Twelve hours later, the results were even more astounding -- almost all of the airborne feces were gone (a whopping 94 percent), and 78 percent of the airborne mold had simply disappeared.

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