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MH receives awards for excellence   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Tuesday, 10 January 2006

Mold Help has been dedicated to assisting the public regarding this national health hazard.  Due to our extreme diligency to saving lives and providing the correct resources, Mold Help has made not attempted  to be recognized with our peers on the internet.  However, as of January 2006, we have expressed an interest in being critiqued by other experts in the field of website excellence and it is very clear that our organization has been widely accepted by other professionals.  Our greatest acheivement is the numbers of people sho told us that this website saved their life, provided key information, or connected them to one of our panel of experts and Mold Help Approved Resources to answer questions, provide advice and assistance. 

This website receives an unbelievable amount of traffic.  We strive to maintain that traffic in educating the public and providing them with choices, information, resources and solutions, we plan to make drastic measures so we can provide assistance to the vast amount of inquiries we receive on a daily basis.

Mold Help regards the gift of life, educating the public about this national health crisis, and saving lives is the ultimate gift.  We are very grateful for the awareness and education we have provided by the thousands of people who visit our website on a daily basis, but we are also modestly extatic to receive these accomodations, (and we feel confident that many more will follow) -

American Association of Webmasters Gold Award         

           Police Guide Award for Excellence



Mold Help is exceptionally proud to receive these honors and will continually update the public as we receive more accomodations for our outstanding website, fact-based education, aesthetics, originality, and ethics. 

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