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Mold Help Seal of Approval Awarded to Common Scents Investigations   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Sunday, 19 February 2006

Salem, OR - Mold Help is proud to announce that Eric Johnson, Principal of Common Scents Inspections, has been fully approved with highest regards as the only approved environmental inspection company in the Pacific Northwest.  This is a geographic area of particular concern due to the unethical conduct that has been highly reported in this region.  After a comprehensive investigation, Common Scents Inspections is the only inspection company that we can fully recommend for Oregon and Washington mold inspections.

Eric Johnson
Principal of Common Scents Inspections
Common Scents Inspections
2122 NW 22ND AVE
Camas, WA 98660

PHONE                           FAX
360-772-0181          360-834-0541



Washington and Oregon

Common Scents Inspections has been fully approved as a prospective Mold Help Approved Resource.  After a thorough investigation by our Mold Help Panel, we have fully concurred and approved this company as a valued resource to our consumers. 

These are the following comments made by our prestigious Mold Help Evaluation Panel-

?Mr. Johnson is a fair, honest, and reputable professional whom I would highly recommend to our consumers with confidence.?

?We have had some real concerns about the conduct of many so-called professionals, particularly in the Pacific Northwest and we feel very happy to have finally found one who meets our high standards.?

?Mr. Johnson?s trained canine has an innate ability to detect mold problems where humans and machines could never compete with.?

?His education, professional experience, training, and tools professional?

Oregon and Washington beware consumers beware!  Mold Help has its headquarters is located in Oregon.  Our central office received 162 complaints last year regarding so called mold inspection professionals in Oregon and Washington alone.  The amount of complaints may not have been as high as other states but it was the severity of the complaints that concerned us the most.  In our opinion, Oregon appears to have the worst track record so far for alleged unskilled individuals among some alleged unethical activity, such as scam artists, insurance cons, and some cases of sexual harassment among customers more than anywhere else.  Naturally, we were elated to finally find a qualified organization, serving Washington and Oregon, worthy of the prestigious Mold Help Seal of Approval.

The reports produced by Common Scents Inspections are personally completed, extremely user-friendly, and very professional.  Mr. Johnson has notable experience, certifications, and training.  Additionally, Mr. Johnson brings many years of related and highly useful skills to the table.  They include:

A Bachelors of Arts from Concordia University in Portland, Oregon, and then Mr. Johnson started his own construction company, Dakota Homes about 12 years ago.  He also holds general contractors licenses in both Oregon and Washington, providing him with a very good insight into the causation and knowledge of moisture management issues, water damage detection, discovery of possible construction defect, and fungal growth in both new and older buildings.  Another pertinent issue that we noted is that due to Mr. Johnson?s education, professional experience, and obvious passion for his work, he appears to have high level of expertise into the methodology of cutting corners with other building contractors.  This could be a great asset for many people who reside in the Pacific Northwest since it appears to be an area with numerous building problems; mostly due to the methods that builders use to construct, wrap, and side buildings under very damp conditions. 

Mr. Johnson came to our attention before he encountered us.  Mold Help has a big presence in this location since or main office is in Salem, Oregon.  Our organization and partners hear many complaints from local residents.  Eric Johnson with Common Scents Inspections is the only indoor air quality professional that we would even consider awarding our Seal of Approval in this entire area.  Numerous victims who had actually been taken advantage of the indoor air quality so called professionals contacted us we complaints.  Mr. Johnson?s name came up repeatedly as their ?hero? who assisted them and went above and beyond.  Moreover, Mr. Johnson is a very honest and ethical professional.  The Mold Help panel of experts concurs that Mr. Johnson also charges a very reasonable price for his services and is someone you can trust.  He is the only professional in this entire area that we would recommend.

Mr. Johnson, a certified as a home inspector through A.I.I. (American Institute of Inspectors) is very ethical and does not appear to scam innocent clients.  His training required 40+ hours of home instruction combined with a full week of in class instruction and field work. The test was a comprehensive written exam as well as a full field test.

As with all Mold Help Approved Resources, we welcome feedback from former consumers to maintain the quality control that we feel is so important to the public.


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