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After grueling testing process, Bio Science Services gains Mold Help Seal of Approval   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Wednesday, 12 April 2006



Salem, OR - Mold Help has been approached by numerous companies with products claiming to “abate” mold.  After grueling 6 months of testing through Mouldworks at the University of Oregon, Bio Science Services has put their money where their mouth is and proven the point by undergoing invasive product evaluation techniques that most companies generally fail. 


Anthony Scirpoli, President of Bio Science Services, has also generously donated product to the Mold Help Foundation to assist in restoring donated belongings to be put up for auction to assist in our medical research.  The Haynes Family of Sandy, Oregon has already generously donated their belongings towards this cause.  


The Bio Science Services all natural remediation product has proven to abate our 5 major MH mandating (that MH has deemed the most prevalent and virulent) fungi with porous substances under independent Mold Help scientific studies.  With other materials, Bio Science Services promises to remove the products.  This product is also highly recommended for furniture and other porous substances.


Northboro, MA
ph 1.866.463.2511 or 1.508.842.5913
fax 1.508.393.6884

Boca Raton FL
ph 1.866.463.2511

New York
Uniondale, NY
ph 1.866.463.2511


They cover all aspects of toxic mold remediation

«  All solutions used by Bio-Science are 100% natural and environmentally safe

«  Bio-Science offers a remediation program that does not interrupt work flow 

«  They customize an on-site biological risk assessment

«  All tests are confidential and are not made available beyond the client 

«  Their technology leaves an organic barrier, that provides protection against re-growth 


 Bio-Science can SAVE you time & money in the battle with toxic mold


Un-interrupted workflow


In most cases, Bio-Science offers a remediation and treatment program that does not impact the workflow. There are times when a phase III remediation is required. In this case, workspace is impeded upon until the work has been completed. Their technologies are safe and offer proven results. 


Savings compared to traditional abatement and remediation

TM-100 Technology makes wholesale demolition and rebuilding unnecessary.


Performance measured

Their before and after testing - means guaranteed service.


Within the workplace

Eliminates employee absenteeism, illnesses, impaired performance and decreased productivity


Risk management

Protection against lawsuits, increased insurance costs, embarrassing publicity, damaged reputations, and property losses.



They work to keep your data confidential. All tests are classified as confidential and are not made available beyond the client. All work is coded with a unique identifier.


Last Updated (Wednesday, 12 April 2006)

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