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Mold Help receives assistance from WDDO and BCRS   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Wednesday, 12 April 2006



Washington, DC – Recently, BCRS K-9 Mold Detection Service was contacted by Bob Lanier, president of MouldWorks laboratory in Portland, OR, (in partnership with MH) who told us that Susan Lillard-Roberts, President of The Mold-Help Organization, Inc., who was inspecting  residence in the Washington DC area and consulting with the homeowner about a prolonged mold problem in which the owner had experienced varying adverse health related symptoms. The homeowner spent considerable time and money for numerous remediation jobs and cleaning and disposing of suspected contaminated personal items. After this the homeowner’s health returned to a somewhat acceptable state, but because concerns still lingered, BCRS volunteered to perform a post remedial evaluation at no charge.


During the inspection our scent detection dog Ginger did not alert anywhere within the residence (much to the homeowner’s relief) and the various air samples that were taken at the time of the inspection and analyzed at MouldWorks helped to confirm Ginger’s accuracy. The homeowner later communicated in a letter, “It was wonderful to meet you and to observe your work. After over 4 & 1/2 years of dealing with alleged mold professionals, some who did more harm than good, it was especially refreshing and relieving to discover you. Your approach is more thorough, thoughtful and fine tuned than any other. In addition you have high integrity; ethics and an attitude of not ripping people off… you certainly have much more to offer than many who charge more for less. I will definitely recommend you and do what I can to promote your work.”


BCRS Inc., the parent company of BCRS K-9 Mold Detection Service has over 25 years in the general contracting business, with the last fifteen of those years specializing in waterproofing of residential homes, which is one of the reasons BCRS K-9 is able to offer one of the most comprehensive mold inspection packages in the industry. President Steven Yerger holds certifications both as a Certified Mold Inspector and as a Certified Mold Remediator through the Indoor Air Quality Association (IAQA) and carries Mold Detection Canine Team Certification through the World Detector Dog Organization. BCRS has acquired the mold inspection industry’s most sophisticated equipment available for its inspections, including a thermal imaging camera, laser particle counter, moisture meter, laser thermometer, optical halogen boroscope, various air sampling equipment, and most impressive of all, a certified mold detection canine team. Like bomb, drug, and arson dogs, mold detection dogs can detect mold that humans can’t smell or even see (such as mold growing behind walls) and unlike thermal imaging cameras, dogs don’t rely upon “moisture signatures” in order to be effective.


The World Detector Dog Organization (WDDO) is a group of scent detection canine handlers and trainers with the goal of improving all the many disciplines within the field of canine scent detection. WDDO is composed of police officers, fire fighters, public and private investigators, pest control professionals, search and rescue personnel, mold inspectors, and others. WDDO is setting the standard in the war on mold using the most sophisticated and sensitive piece of mold detection equipment known to man: the nose of a certified scent detection dog. WDDO offers quality training, education and focused evaluation of detector dog teams and trainers, to help them to be the best in the industry. 

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