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Posted by Susan Lillard  
Thursday, 30 November 2006

 In the 1980s I was an organized crime prosecutor taking on the mafia and Columbian Cartel Drug rings. Then suddenly, I became a victim of an environmental injury 15 years ago. In my quest to regain health, I discovered that my plight was a tip of the iceberg of environmentally linked disease. After I recovered, I founded the Environmental Health Foundation that fought environmental disease through prevention programs and by finding treatments. I assembled the top scientists in America and obtained the support of Gene Cernan ( the commander of Apollo 17) and then Vice President Al Gore. I became a national activist and the media began covering my story in newspapers, magazines and television nationwide. I thereafter plunged back into the legal arena as a toxic tort lawyer giving those victims a voice who could not speak for themselves. I began working on hundreds of mold cases referred to by the infamous Erin Brochovich. I am now developing a TV series focusing on victims of environmental injury. I believe that TV could be a powerful tool in making the public aware of this issue and therefore help prevent others from becoming ill. If anyone would be interested in having their story be considered in the proposed series, please feel free to contact me at    Alan Bell, Attorney At Law

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