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Complete Building Construction earns Mold Help Seal of Approval   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Thursday, 01 November 2007

Complete Building Construction, Real Estate Training Service, Inspection Reporting Firm and Specialized General Contractor earns Mold Help Seal of Approval


BAI Services, Inc.



Owner-Scott Barry

6508 Dashpoint Blvd. NE

Tacoma, WA





They are a full service inspection and general contracting company, performing residential and commercial building inspections, surveys, construction & restorations and environmental reporting and cleanup.  They goal is to provide you with the best inspection service value. Meeting all your inspection requirements and needs.


They inspections conform to NACHI  (National Association of Certified Home Inspectors) Standards and Code of Ethics. In direct correlation with the I.C.B.O. International Conference Of Building Officials. 2006 IRC (International Residential Code.) Incorporating the latest testing equipment, techniques & deluxe reporting formats, they feature a computer reporting system that allows internet uploading. They clients and their agents can receive the full inspection report from a secure they site or via E-mail and view the full report or final summary with detailed digital photographic images of any findings for easy review.

Clients may also select a narrative style, checklist type report complete with schematic diagrams for your exclusive needs. 


Reports are color coded for easy identification of findings.  Red is for items needing service, Blue is for informational, Green is for systems that are functional and operational. They are also insured through Lloyd’s of London.


They also specialize in microbial investigations mold abatements, asbestos building surveys and assessments, Phase I property evaluations, Phase II contamination identifications and Phase III environmental clean up, providing prompt, confidential results.


Below are their Accredited Laboratories for sample collections analysis.    

Environmental Microbiology Laboratories, Inc. (EM Labs) Corporate Office  Located at 1150 Bayhill Drive Suite 100 San Bruno, CA 94066 Local Laboratory Located at 1400 112th Ave 98004 Ste# 100 Bellevue WA.98004


Aero tech Laboratories. -1501W. Knudsen Drive.  Phoenix AZ. 85027 (Certified)  AIHA EMLAP



Certifications And Qualifications


Certified Environmental Specialist.  With certifications granted from the Environmental Assessment Association in the following fields.


CEI - Certified Environmental Inspector

Performing Basic Environmental Inspections on residential and commercial properties. This consists of the visual inspection of the property and researching available environmental data to present a comprehensive report to the client. The Certified Environmental Inspector will understand a broad range of environmental issues at a basic level.


CEM - Certified Environmental Manager

Experienced Environmental Professional who has managed one or more persons in the environmental industry. The Certified Environmental Manager has a broad range of knowledge involving environmental issues.


CES - Certified Environmental Specialist

Experienced Environmental Professional  can provide a range of services. These can include environmental testing and hazardous material transportation and removal.


CTS - Certified Testing Specialist

Environmental Professionals in the field who are testing for Environmental hazards, those who work with field samples in laboratories and testing plants, and those who analyze the test results.


CRS - Certified Remediation Specialist

Environmental Professional who provides a variety of services including, but not limited to, Phase III and Remediation Services, and hazardous material handling and removal.




AHERA/ASHARA Certified Asbestos Building Inspector Certification # 1021177


General Contractors License # BAISESI940RM



State of Washington Department of Agriculture License # 69077 Structural Pest Inspector




State of Washington Department of Licensing Approved School ID. # S1524




State of Washington Department of Licensing Approved Instructor/ Administrator:  Scott Barry   Instructor ID. # 12435


State of Washington Department of Licensing school Approved Title: Toxic Mold Solutions. Contractor ID.  # 4107





Quality Programs: As an independent analytical inspection and reporting firm, BAI Services mission is to provide accurate and reliable data. To achieve this goal, BAI Services has developed a Quality Assurance Program to govern all aspects of the sample collection procedures and laboratory and consulting services. The Quality Assurance Program is a set of guidelines and requirements for procurement, handling of samples, personnel management, data validation and the systematic approach to laboratory and consulting operations.


BAI Services is inspected, licensed and/or proficiency tested by a number of governmental agencies and independent associations, including the Washington State Department of Health Services, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the United States Department of Agriculture and the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA).




To schedule a personal appointment today or get more information about employing one of they dynamic and educational technical services.



Last Updated (Saturday, 03 November 2007)

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