We’re re-building our network
of Toxic Mold professionals

Air Quality Agencies & Mold Experts

In our aim to promote your health, the Mold-Help.org has decided to step up to the plate and conduct research to ensure quality and ethics in an industry that sometimes lacks sanctity. In a recent survey we have estimated that over 78% of all remediation companies do an inadequate job. This is due to many factors, including lack of education/training, common sense, denial, cutting corners, and inadequate budgeting for a proper remediation.

Large mold infestations often require testing and and cleanup by professionals with special equipment. Over the years, Mold-Help.org has assisted thousands of individuals in connecting with doctors and remediation specialists for more detailed and advanced assistance with mold-related problems.

We’re Rebuilding our Database

With the launch of our new website we are evaluating companies, physicians, and legal and government contacts to rebuild our approved vendor/contact database.

Although we do not provide legal or medical advice, we are committed to connecting individuals with companies that may provide valuable information or assistance.

You Can Help Us find Experts

We would love to have your input. If you have had experience with a provider, expert or agency, we would love to hear about your experiences.  Using the submission form please provide us the name and contact information of your referral.

We evaluate each submission against our resources on safety, education, special skills, procedure, value, effectiveness, and above all, overall all standards and ethics.

Mold-Help.org will contact you for additional details if our research indicates that the referral will enhance our database.  Thank you for your assistance!