Toxic Mold Affecting Your Health?

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You’ll find new posts, as well as meaningful articles from the past. Our goal is to increase awareness of the under-recognized illnesses caused by toxic mold.

What is Mold?

Mold Basics provides general information about mold, as well as details and images to help you identify toxic molds like Aspergillus and Stachybotrys commonly found in homes and work environments. New to mold? Start here.

How Am I Affected?

If mold and fungal infections are making you sick, Mold Help Organization’s research will help you identify potential signs you are at risk, and the fungal infections and illnesses caused by exposure. For causes of mold symptoms, start here.

What Can I Do?

Individuals can sometimes address small mold infestations. You will find tips for testing, safe cleanup, steps to protect your health, including the Mold Help Diet, as well as some general legal considerations.

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The Mold Help Organization is dedicated to helping people whose lives are impacted and often devastated by the effects of mold exposure. We understand that many of you are frustrated when trying to find valid information and support to address the mold conditions that ruin your homes and make you sick.

Molds in the environment, like Stachybotrys, Penicillium and Chaetomium, produce allergens, irritants and toxic chemical substances called mycotoxins that cause a multitude of health problems, ranging from sneezes to permanent brain and lung damage and more. We welcome you to browse our site for help, and to read mold-related news and personal stories. We would love to hear from you with suggestions, your experiences and your concerns.

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Are or Were You Affected by Mold?

Share with other readers what your own experience with molds has been. We’re all in this together, so we can help each other by sharing our own journey, like Kelly’s mold story. What symptoms did you have? Where did your exposure come from? What treatment for mold exposure did you use, and was it successful? Do you have any experience with black mold exposure treatment? What black mold exposure treatment do you think is best?

In our continuing efforts to bring you the latest news, updates and truthful information on current mold stories, we welcome your personal experiences, suggestions, editorial letters, commentary and opinions for the Mold-Help website. Submissions must include original/re-write author’s name and contact information.  Contact information is for our records and will not be disclosed to the general public.

We’re Building a New Support Network

We are refreshing and updating our database of Agencies and Experts.  You can provide us valuable information about companies, doctors, local/federal government agencies and informational websites that have assisted you in your remediation and healing processes.

If you are a company or practice that provides mold-related services, then we encourage you to submit your information for consideration and inclusion in our referral database.