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The latest Mold news

Every Season Has its Mold Challenges

Most everyone agrees that fall leaves develop mold. They become extremely moldy over time as they decay. My sinuses swell up from just walking through them. Raking them can put me in the bed for day. But, I didn’t know that my Christmas tree could also make me ill. No wonder the Christmas season has […]

Mold in Seattle Children’s Hospital Closes Operating Rooms for the Second Time

Summary Airborne Aspergillus mold was found in five hospital operating rooms in Seattle Children’s Hospital. This is the 2nd time the hospital has closed all 14 of its operating rooms due to mold. Earlier this year the hospital replaced its air filtration system after mold exposure caused the death on one patient. Five other patients […]

Toxic Mold Hides in California Schools

Summary Jamie Green, Superintendent of Trinity Alps School District, reached out to CBS13 to help investigate how dangerous breathing mold spores could be to teachers and kids in classrooms. And to find out why no one was doing anything about it. The answer – no required mold testing or indoor air quality regulation in California […]

Dolgeville Residents Suffer Flood Damage after Halloween Storm

Summary High winds and heavy rain claimed the life of a priest in Northern New York. Flooded roads left hundreds of thousands without power. As of Saturday morning, more than 241,000 buildings and homes in New York were without electricity. Nearly 60 roads were closed. Governor Andrew M. Cuomo declared states of emergency for 12 […]

SC Renters with Mold Problems Have Very Few Options

Summary South Carolina state law offers two options for renters whose landlords refuse to make a repair: Move Take the owner to magistrate court Renters are also advised to call South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs to determine if they can break their lease without penalty.  If available, the process requires putting their concerns in […]

Moldy Fall Leaves Make Me Sick

I love fall, but…. There’s something about waking up to October 1st and realizing fall is coming. As the leaves start to turn, so does my stomach. Mold will be hiding in my piles of leaves, especially when they get wet. I remember too well the moldy truth about all those fallen leaves. I cannot […]

Black Mold is Growing in U.S. Prisons

Union leaders are raising loud concerns over the health of correctional officers across WASHINGTON Hundreds of correctional officers across the U.S. are working in prisons with mold growing in areas constantly populated by both officers and inmates. Prison leaders have allowed the mold to fester for years in some cases, refusing to test it. That’s […]

LSU – Old school, Mold School

Written by Katherine Manuel, Reveille LSU implemented a policy requiring incoming freshmen to live on campus last year. For some, this policy allows for a fun, new experience of living on campus. For others, this experience is filled with mold, mildew and health issues. Since the beginning of the semester, some students in South Hall […]

South Carolina Lawmakers Study Mold Remediation Industry

Summary Laws governing the mold remediation industry varies from state to state. And to make matters more confusing, there are no standards set by national agencies for mold treatment and prevention. Over the past few years, South Carolina has been dealing with repeated flooding due to hurricanes and inclement weather. This huge amount of water […]

Students at UNC-Chapel Hill Complain about Mold in Dorms

Written by Myah Ward; Reprint from (UNC Media Hub). CHAPEL HILL, N.C. — Emili Potts first noticed the mold outside of Craige dorm on the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus, trailing the wall below her leaky air conditioning unit. When the junior began having trouble breathing, she looked inside her AC […]

Photo of Slime Mold on Wood

Smart Slime Mold Confusing Scientists

Slime Molds have no brain, but are Smart!

Masks of a sad face and a happy face with matching words

I Feel Like a Bouncing Ball

And, not in a good way. Sometime, I wake up with a desire to call friends, exercise, read a book….and then I find myself just wanting to lay back down and go to sleep. Sometime, I feel a little better, and decide to take a walk, or go to the grocery store for healthier food…and […]