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The latest Mold news

I Feel Like a Bouncing Ball

And, not in a good way. Sometime, I wake up with a desire to call friends, exercise, read a book….and then I find myself just wanting to lay back down and go to sleep. Sometime, I feel a little better, and decide to take a walk, or go to the grocery store for healthier food…and […]

Fungal Monitoring: An Upstream Approach to Testing Requirements

By Bernie Lorenz, PhD This piece looks at the benefits of fungal monitoring, an indicator of plant health and other factors, and how to manage it properly. Specifically, how to sample a facility, proper analysis of samples, interpretation of the analysis, and proper actions to take when necessary. Mold is ubiquitous in nature and can […]

Parents Seek Answers to Mold and Air Quality Concerns

Written by Jim McConnell, Senior Writer,m Chesterfield Observer The first thing Sara Ward noticed was the smell. Not long after her son entered sixth grade at Midlothian Middle School in September 2016, Ward began to observe a strong, pungent odor in his clothes when she washed her family’s laundry. She spoke to parents of other […]

Hurricane Dorian Cleanup Stalls in North Carolina

Once more, the fogging companies are trying to contain the mold with chemicals that are supposed to kill the mold under the homes of hurricane victims. North Carolina Southern Baptist Disaster Relief is one of those working to help residents recover from Dorian. Other concerns include reconstruction, and the delay of approval for disaster funds […]

Moon Taxi Show at Mobile Saenger Rescheduled Due to Mold Cleanup

Written by Lawrence Specker Moon Taxi’s upcoming show at the Mobile Saenger Theatre has been postponed until November due to repair work in progress at the venue. The Saenger’s early-fall schedule has been disrupted by cleanup work related to a mold problem discovered in late August. Management company SMG released a statement this week saying […]

POT PROBLEMS: High Levels of Mold Found in Marijuana Products Sold at Local Dispensaries

by Denise Rosch, 3Las Vegas News LAS VEGAS (KSNV) — The State of Nevada has confirmed that it found high levels of mold in some marijuana products sold at four local dispensaries. Therefore, an advisory was sent out by the Nevada Department of Taxation. This advisory warned consumers that high levels of mold were found […]

Teachers Propose $100M Cleanup of Asbestos, Mold & Lead in 175 Schools

Written my Kimberly Davis, 3CBS Philly PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — New pictures from inside a Philadelphia elementary school show possible sources of asbestos. The teachers’ union recently announced an educator at a different school was diagnosed with cancer tied to asbestos. A new plan of action will cost at least $100 million to clear out the […]

Finding Joy and Healing in Nature

Being sick from mold, or any disease for that matter, is depressing. It can definitely rob you of even the small pleasures life has to offer. After a particularly bad bout with mold exposure, I remember being in bed for what seemed like days on end. I was too tired to even walk outside for […]

Flooded Homes Bring Water Damage and Mold

By Mike Mohundro, CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) Is your home flooded? You might have mold then. Especially for the people that are living in Alexander County where people there have been dealing with water for weeks. Some of those homes have even had water in their basements and main floors for a month or more.

Flexible Partnership (Fungi + Algae) Allows Lichens to Occur in Different Habitats

Lichens are symbiotic organisms consisting of a fungal partner and one or several algal partners. The association is so close that scientists until 1867 were not aware that lichens actually consist of two different partners. After the Swiss botanist Simon Schwendener discovered the dual nature of lichens, lichenologists were focusing on the fungal partner when […]

Fungi/Molds Survive at 33,000 Feet in the Air

In June 2013, Popular Science Magazine published an article called ‘Bacteria at 33,000 Feet: Great, now what? In the midst of airborne sea salt and dust, researchers from Georgia Tech unexpectedly found thousands of living fungal cells and bacteria, including E. coli and Streptococcus. More recently, NASA reports that astronauts are just beginning to learn […]

Food for Thought: Celebrating a McDonald’s Hamburger that has Lasted 10 Years

Read this interesting article in the South Bend Tribune, written by Marshall V. King, a food writer based in Goshen, IN. As an experiment, he kept a McDonald’s plain hamburger for 10 years, and it never molded.