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The latest Mold news

Finding Joy and Healing in Nature

Being sick from mold, or any disease for that matter, is depressing. It can definitely rob you of even the small pleasures life has to offer. After a particularly bad bout with mold exposure, I remember being in bed for what seemed like days on end. I was too tired to even walk outside for […]

Flooded Homes Bring Water Damage and Mold

By Mike Mohundro, CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. (KFVS) Is your home flooded? You might have mold then. Especially for the people that are living in Alexander County where people there have been dealing with water for weeks. Some of those homes have even had water in their basements and main floors for a month or more.

Flexible Partnership (Fungi + Algae) Allows Lichens to Occur in Different Habitats

Lichens are symbiotic organisms consisting of a fungal partner and one or several algal partners. The association is so close that scientists until 1867 were not aware that lichens actually consist of two different partners. After the Swiss botanist Simon Schwendener discovered the dual nature of lichens, lichenologists were focusing on the fungal partner when […]

Fungi/Molds Survive at 33,000 Feet in the Air

In June 2013, Popular Science Magazine published an article called ‘Bacteria at 33,000 Feet: Great, now what? In the midst of airborne sea salt and dust, researchers from Georgia Tech unexpectedly found thousands of living fungal cells and bacteria, including E. coli and Streptococcus. More recently, NASA reports that astronauts are just beginning to learn […]

Food for Thought: Celebrating a McDonald’s Hamburger that has Lasted 10 Years

Read this interesting article in the South Bend Tribune, written by Marshall V. King, a food writer based in Goshen, IN. As an experiment, he kept a McDonald’s plain hamburger for 10 years, and it never molded.

Aurora Woman Finds Mushroom Growing out of Shower

JULY 7, 2019, BY ALEX ROSE, Fox 31 Denver AURORA, Colo. — About six months ago, Jacqueline Martinez moved into her first apartment with her daughter at the Courtyards at Buckley in Aurora. It wasn’t until a couple days ago that she noticed an unwanted visitor growing in her child’s bathroom: a mushroom.

For NYCHA Residents – Mold Busters at Work

NYCHA Residents – Do You Have Mold? What to Do About it. By Kyle Lawson STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Sneezing, wheezing and dry, scaly skin. According to healthcare experts, these are a few of the tell-tale signs of allergies either developed or triggered by mold growing inside a Staten Island home.

Operating Rooms Scheduled to Reopen after One Dead, 5 Infected by Mold at Seattle Children’s Hospital

A patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital died, and five more were infected after mold was discovered in several operating rooms during a routine air test on the hospital in May. The federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services found the hospital in violation of two dozen federal regulations and hospital policy and notified the hospital […]

Candida auris On the Rise

What is Candida Auris? Candida Auris is a type of fungus that causes a severe infection in hospitalized patients. The microbe can be carried on the bottom of shoes, clings to surfaces in hospital rooms, flourishes on floors, and adheres to patients’ skin, phones and food trays, health officials said. It also is odorless and […]

Parents Outraged after Video Shows Moldy Food Served to Shelby County Students

By: Jacque Masse SHELBY CO., Tenn. – Parents are outraged after a video circulated social media after food service workers served moldy food at a Shelby County school. A student took the video inside Ridgeway High School on Monday that shows several moldy waffles inside a bag. The school said the staff didn’t follow the […]

Seattle Children’s Hospital Operating Rooms Shut Down after a Patient Dies of Mold Infection

(CNN) A patient at Seattle Children’s Hospital has died from a mold infection The patient was one of six to develop an infection from 2018-2019, according to Alyse Bernal, public relations manager for the hospital. The infections follow several operating rooms being shut down in May by the detection of Aspergillus mold in the air. […]

ISS (International Space Station) is Home to Super-Tough Molds that Laugh in the Face of Deadly Radiation

by David Szondy, June 28th, 2019 Mold spores commonly found aboard the International Space Station (ISS) turn out to be radiation resistant enough to survive 200 times the X-ray dose needed to kill a human being. Based on experiments by a team of researchers led by Marta Cortesão, a microbiologist at the German Aerospace […]