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 Introduction [ TOP ]
2013-01-28 MOLD. . .What is it all about? 
2007-12-31 A mold case study 
2007-12-31 Why is mold growing in my home? 
2008-03-30 Eradicating shower mold 
2008-04-29 A brief introduction to detection dogs 
2013-07-15 Introduction to The Mold Help Organization 
2010-06-21 Inexpensive Mold Help Approved Test kits available now 
2010-07-16 New hope for renters 
2011-07-19 Mold Help Cookbook now available! 
2008-04-28 Mycotoxin list 
2007-10-07 Inexpensive mold testing 
2004-10-03 Potential signs and mitigating factors of a mold problem 
2005-05-10 Guest commentaries, stories, and ideas welcome 
2005-09-11 Media and press inquiries can be submitted here 
2005-09-11 Poetic justice; Mold. . . The Destroyer 
2005-12-28 Cheap initial mold testing that could save your health and $$$ 
2005-12-28 Free flights for medical care 
2006-01-10 MH receives awards for excellence 
2007-07-03 Do you have a Worker's Comp case that you lost? 
2012-08-26 Mold in the Bible 
 Current Headlines [ TOP ]
2007-02-10 Enviroshield receives Mold Help Seal of Approval 
2006-01-30 Fox News employees expose mold illnesses; dangers 
2006-01-24 Baseball gloves recalled; may make owners sick 
2006-01-17 Tune in to program on mold and schools 
2006-01-16 Trained dogs proving successful in mold detection 
2006-01-14 Allstate will most likely blame Katrina to drive up insurance rates 
2005-12-23 Mold wars play out in Oregon worker 
2005-12-19 Hurricane Katrina update 
2005-11-08 CDC involved in another cover-up plot 
2005-11-07 $13 million from lumberyard brings Calif. mold settlement to $22.6 million 
2005-11-02 Hurricane Mold Epidemic: Chemical clean ups may worse than mold for hurricane victims 
2005-10-29 Restorers labor to salvage parish sacramental records from mold 
2005-10-28 Insurance companies give false hope to consumers 
2006-01-06 Senate staffers invited to Senator Kennedy's briefing 
2006-01-03 Light therapy may help with fungal infections 
2005-12-31 Pet food recalled for deadly fungus 
2006-06-21 Mold Help awards Seal of Approval to Paws For Health 
2006-03-02 Mold Help Awards Seal of Approval to Mighty Micros 
2006-02-19 Mold Help Seal of Approval Awarded to Common Scents Investigations 
2007-01-10 Court of opinion amid suits over mold 
2007-01-10 Mold dog training gaining popularity 
2006-12-30 Wisconsin family suffers from School mold 
2006-11-30 Looking for mold stories 
2006-11-26 Certified mold dog for sale 
2006-10-16 Moisture Intrusion Analysts receives MH Seal of Approval 
2006-10-24 Strangers reach out to help family ousted by mold 
2006-10-02 Mold forces fraternity to evacuate 
2006-09-08 Judgment for builder rendered in mold lawsuit 
2006-07-02 Teacher will lose home after losing job 
2006-06-08 Mold Help awards Seal of Approval to Forticel 
2006-06-05 House Passes Toxic Right-to-Know Amendment 
2006-04-22 Integrity in science watch 
2006-04-12 Mold Help receives assistance from WDDO and BCRS 
2006-04-12 After grueling testing process, Bio Science Services gains Mold Help Seal of Approval 
2006-04-07 Physicians note an alarming number of fungal eye infections among contact lens wearers 
2010-03-19 Floods create mold problems 
2010-08-31 Mold Stain earns Mold Help Seal of Approval 
2005-04-22 Dream home turns into a nightmare for retired couple 
2005-04-01 Clarification of media's mishaps, misconceptions and myths 
2005-03-31 Texas suit to decide insurance limits of before 2002 
2005-03-30 Northeast school wing to remain closed 
2005-03-28 Grain stored outside could be a risk this spring 
2005-03-20 Fungi prefers dark, not sunlight 
2005-03-19 Mold can cause permanent health problems 
2005-03-16 Light therapy may combat fungal infections 
2005-03-16 Mold may lead to demolition of rectory 
2005-03-11 Hazelnut industry falls victim to deadly fungus 
2005-03-11 Cape woman sues Allstate for mold remediation 
2005-03-10 Anti-fungal drugs may help prevent breast cancer 
2005-03-10 Oregon family wins mold lawsuit 
2005-03-07 Metro tower is wary of mold 
2005-03-07 Is Mold Making Workers Sick? 
2005-03-03 Mold problems at Lubbock apartment complex 
2005-04-22 Mother shocked upon revolting discovery in son?s food 
2005-04-28 Mold cleanup delay creates problems for federal court 
2005-12-23 Hilton finally settles guests' mold suit 
2005-10-12 The ultimate powers altering science to their standards 
2005-10-01 Medical websites; mediocre medicine at its best 
2005-09-16 EPA mold monitor arrives to begin inspecting buildings, yeah. . .Right! 
2005-09-05 Donations to organizations who are of no benefit is not the answer since they are failing the public 
2005-09-05 Hurricane victims problems are nothing compared to future events 
2005-10-26 Toxic mold litigation landmark news 
2005-06-28 Camp Pendleton claims mold was not the problem 
2005-07-03 Mold invades another university 
2005-06-19 America's oldest synagogue sustains mold problem 
2005-06-15 Key milestone in antifungal treatment for severe asthma 
2005-05-20 Atlanta, GA - The Centers for Disease Control, along with the EPA have had been under rigid scrutiny 
2005-05-18 Another NC couple lose home and health to mold 
2005-05-10 Buyer duped as sellers fail to disclose mold problems 
2005-05-10 The media announces initial jury award but lacks telling the entire story 
2005-05-05 Mold closes town clerk's office 
2005-03-03 Florida poliice station undergoing mold tests 
2007-02-18 Soldiers Face Neglect, Frustration At Army's Top Medical Facility 
2013-08-22 Mold Help approves inspection company. 
2009-12-27 Toxic Tort Lawsuits Now Easier to Win in Michigan 
2009-12-23 Apt complex suffers water damage/mold. Mold Help can help others to try. 
2009-12-19 Another family loses health and home to mold 
2009-11-10 Molds, mycotoxins and storage keys to this years corn crop 
2009-10-28 Insurance companies canceling policies 
2009-09-05 Moldy house forces family in camper 
2009-08-10 Florida apartment complex suffers mold problems; evictions 
2009-07-21 Moldy house creates stalemate 
2009-06-05 Toxic mold in public housing units 
2009-05-18 University has failed to remove asbestos and mold 
2009-04-14 Mold contaminates police station 
2009-02-23 Ducks killed by mold spores 
2009-01-16 Nevada jail to reopen soon after mold discovery 
2008-11-21 Elliot Environmental receives MH Seal of Approval 
2008-11-13 Mold affects apartment dwellers 
2008-10-29 Star Jones fights uphill mold battle 
2010-01-15 Health Alert - Mold Contaminates Vermont Cannery 
2010-02-08 Home closed due to mold 
2012-11-02 Important update for victims of hurricane Sandy 
2012-10-25 Mold damage costs more than half a trillion dollars per year 
2012-08-10 Health Risks of Composting Dump Sites 
2012-08-04 Recent Q & A's 
2012-07-20 Alleged Unscrupulous Landlord 
2012-04-19 Lecturer Talks About MCS 
2011-09-20 Three ways to fight mold at home 
2010-12-28 Mold Help approves new product for mold stains 
2010-10-27 Boston school closed due to mold 
2010-10-17 Teacher expresses frustration in letter 
2010-10-17 What parents need to know about mold 
2010-07-09 Pollen low but rising; mold levels high 
2010-06-14 Legal: Anatomy of a mold case 
2010-05-25 Whose telling the truth? 
2010-03-19 Another school closed due to mold 
2008-09-03 Coping with a mold problem 
2008-09-20 Mold destroys nation's history 
2007-12-19 Mold forces students to spread out 
2007-12-01 In memory of Dr. Vincent Marinkovich 
2007-11-28 Toxic mold complaints? Albany wants to hear them 
2007-11-28 WDDO schedules annual conference 
2007-11-26 Post-Katrina mold changes SUNO to temporary campus 
2007-11-01 Complete Building Construction earns Mold Help Seal of Approval 
2007-09-21 Tornado causes toxic mold threat 
2007-09-17 Mysterious outbreak at Houston school scares parents, teachers 
2007-09-14 Texas chief refuses to close Key Middle School 
2007-09-07 The Insurance Game 
2007-07-28 Apartment owner cited for mold; falling ceilings 
2007-07-19 Mold found at Texas school 
2007-04-26 Denial in our school system 
2007-04-12 Mold found in Pennsylvania school 
2007-03-29 School Of Mold: New N.J. School Faces Demolition 
2007-03-16 Mold repairs planned for Gresham fire station 
2008-03-12 Wilmington woman has mold problem in apt. 
2008-03-14 New home, new hopes 
2008-09-03 Candidate Speaks about Mold Problem 
2008-09-03 Mold problem destroys plans 
2008-08-12 Mold problem evolves in Colorado 
2008-07-10 More mold found at school 
2008-05-31 Tenant wants mold removed 
2008-04-27 Mould Solutions receives Mold Help Seal of Approval with honors 
2008-04-27 Mold claim against apartments hints of class action 
2008-04-27 Condo owner or HOA: Who abates toxic mold? 
2008-04-26 Mold causes tenant to take landlord to court 
2008-04-24 Mold forces police to leave station 
2008-04-20 Man finds mold in sports beverage 
2008-04-16 Pennsylvania school shuts down for mold repairs 
2008-04-16 Mold Help receives 501(c)(3) status 
2008-04-08 School district confronts mold concerns 
2008-03-27 State board to review mold case 
2008-03-25 Boys and Girls Club continues mold tests 
2007-07-18 School district accepts responsibility to costly mold problem 
2005-03-03 Clawson homeowner gets reprieve 
2002-07-30 Music Exec Miffed By Mold Sues To Leave Fisher Island 
2003-11-06 Farmers Insurance Responds To Melinda Ballard's Allegations 
2004-10-03 Family Says Mold Took Their Health, Lawsuit Claims Home Was Toxic 
2002-07-21 Family Says Toxic Mold Is In Their Home 
2002-11-30 Dusting Off The Same Old Mold Story 
2004-10-03 Hc Continues Study Of Courthouse Mold 
2002-08-19 County Shuts Down Courthouse Again 
2004-10-03 Commissioners Discuss Mold Problem 
2004-10-03 Cleanup Gets Mold Out Of High School 
2002-07-25 Ccisd Workers Are Ahead Of Schedule In Barnes Mold Cleanup 
2004-10-03 Reports Of Mold In The Coatesville Area 
2002-08-07 Board Oks $34,000 Mold-Fighting Job 
2004-10-03 Black Mold Turns Home Into a Prison 
2002-10-24 Black Mold Closes Firehouse Indefinitely 
2004-10-03 Black Mold Creeps Its Way Into Homes, Not To Mention Lawsuits 
2002-05-24 Black Mold Forces Relocation Of Staff 
2004-10-03 Fema Warns Vs Mold Spores Following Supertyphoon Pongsona 
2004-10-03 Floodprone Martindale Is Recovering 
2004-10-03 Florence Schools Declared Mold Free And Safe 
2004-10-03 Hospital Water Systems May Harbor Harmful Molds 
2004-10-03 Hilton Takes Charge For Mold In Hotel 
2004-10-03 Hilton Hawaiian Village Mold Costs Mount 
2004-10-03 Hilton Earnings Decline 12 Percent 
2004-10-03 Mold Found In Hilton Tower Gives Island Residents a Scare 
2004-10-03 Hilton Mold Sounds Rare But Is Really Quite Common 
2004-10-03 Mold Closes Part Of Waikiki Hilton 
2004-10-03 Turnabout In Hotel Dispute: Pickets At The Union Office 
2004-10-03 Fungus Among Us Goes Beyond Hilton 
2002-12-31 Health Concerns Breed Suits Over Mold 
2004-10-03 Health Authorities On Alert After Extensive Flooding In Europe 
2004-10-03 Hale County Enters Mold Battle 
2004-10-03 Gsu Clears The Air, University Working To Resolve Toxic Mold Problem. 
2004-10-03 Gsu Battles Toxic Mold Problem 
2002-09-06 Vigilance Urged In Toxic Mold Cases 
2004-10-03 Black Mold Traces Found In Courthouse 
2004-10-03 Black Mold May Sound Scary, But Is It Harmful? 
2002-08-03 Toxic Mold Is Topic Of Baton Rouge Seminar 
2004-06-06 Ex-'Nypd Blue' Star Settles Mold Case 
2004-06-01 Man Needs New Kidney: Mold And Flu Possible Causes For Illness 
2004-10-31 School mold found; honesty/remediation efforts congratulated 
2004-11-05 Russia 
2004-10-19 W. Sac fire station closed; mold found 
2004-05-13 Shame On You: Maytag's Moldy Washers 
2003-02-25 Are You Driving Around In a Sick Car? 
2005-07-05 First signs of blue mold discovered in 2005 tobacco season 
2005-03-16 Consumers becoming wary of downplayed health risks/incomplete information 
2005-03-16 Mold worries spur fix 
2006-05-28 Mold Help requests your participation 
2005-05-18 Entire story on how mold contamination destroys tourism business 
2005-06-14 California fire districts sort out mold problems just before fire season 
2005-05-13 By Anna Wilde Mathews, The Wall Street Journal 
2005-05-13 Virginia family loses health, home, finances from mold; faiilure to disclose, questionable realtor 
2004-06-17 Iaqa Seeks To Correct Misreporting On Implications Of Iom Mold Report 
2004-07-12 John Frieda Recalls Styling Spray 
2004-10-03 Mold Forces Governor's Mansion To Close 
1999-01-01 Austin?s Honorable Hvac 
2001-08-30 Mold Jeopardizes County's Animal Shelter Contract 
2002-08-25 Dorm Mold Sends Utsa Students To Local Hotels 
2002-11-15 East High Contaminated By Mold 
2004-10-03 Air Duct Clients Can Get Taken To Cleaners 
2004-10-03 Agreement Between Walt Disney World And Hotel Employees And Restaurant Employees Union, Local 681 Af 
2004-03-23 Is Hidden Mold At Home Making You Sick? 
2004-10-03 Agencies Not Helping Residents With Problems 
2004-07-01 Outbreak Of Aflatoxin Poisoning 
2004-10-03 Storm's Drenching Fosters Mold Growth 
2002-01-01 Uk Family Loses Toxic Mold Case 
2004-06-24 Mold Discovery Forces School To Close Doors 
2004-04-11 Residents Say Savannah Georgia Ignoring Complaints About Home With Toxic Mold 
2004-10-03 High Levels Of Black Mold Found In Pine Ridge Reservation Homes 
2004-06-21 Environmental Toxin Linked To Parkinson's 
2004-10-03 Insurance Broker Warns Toxic Mould Could Become The 'New Asbestos' 
2005-10-31 Hurricane Mold Epidemic: Some clean ups can be worse than mold 
2005-03-03 Tougaloo students protest mold 
2005-02-17 Upcoming events 
2005-02-17 County grants $8,425 to aid toxic mold victim 
2005-02-13 Got mold? Flood raises likelihood of fungi 
2005-02-13 Funds held from contractor to pay for mold cleanup 
2005-02-13 OSU extension offers mold prevention strategies 
2005-02-13 Mold remediation bill advances in General Assembly 
2005-02-09 Montreal hospital probing mold in baby's death 
2005-02-09 Addressing mold issue 
2005-02-08 Paisleys' mold hell 
2005-02-08 Canada; mold causing problems in hospital 
2005-02-07 Mold lingers as a reminder of 2004 hurricanes 
2005-01-28 Ten Tips To Avoid Mold Problems and Lawsuits in Selling and Buying Real Estate 
2005-01-28 US ignores pleas of thousands of sick people due to fears of litigation and liability 
2005-01-26 Ohio; mold has become a growing problem for family 
2005-01-24 Post office closed due to mold 
2005-01-23 Anti-fungal drug useful for sinus problem 
2005-02-18 Spain; blind man researches own 'cure' 
2005-02-20 Fungus risk for tsunami survivors 
2005-03-03 Bills proposed to regulate businesses cleaning mold 
2005-03-03 Impotence treatment linked to heart infection 
2005-03-20 District to get refund for cleaning mold at school 
2005-03-01 Councilman suggests closing school for mold problem 
2005-03-20 New controversial report questions motives of AAAAI 
2005-03-01 NEWS UPDATE! Mark Tatum; the man without a face 
2005-02-24 Toxic mold blamed for illness 
2005-02-28 Canada; mould growth can cause serious problems 
2005-02-28 High court to clarify when to file suits 
2005-02-26 Mold Repair Costs More Than $1.7 Million 
2005-02-24 Respiratory morbidity in office workers 
2005-02-24 Woman sues over alleged toxic mold death 
2005-02-23 Judge rules $6 million dollar case 
2005-02-22 Exposure to mold is a proven and serious health threat 
2007-11-23 TV anchorwoman ousted from home due to mold 
2008-06-24 Mold Damage take over recent flooding 
2005-01-22 Canada; dream house nightmare 
2005-01-18 Mold, asbestos contaminate doomed Deutsche Bank building near towers 
2005-01-03 What US citizens need to know about the pharmaceutical industry 
2004-11-11 Sex genes of infectious fungus closely resemble human Y chromosome 
2004-10-03 Seminary Woman Ready To Move 
2007-06-26 City approves lease of ex-post office to college 
2007-06-24 Cleanup measures are expected to cost milllions of dollars 
2004-10-30 Hungary bans paprika after mold found 
2004-10-03 Mold School Tie-ups : New Report Criticizes Riverside Clean-up 
2004-10-03 Mold Prompts Closure Of Boys And Girls Club 
2004-10-03 Mold Liability Worries Insurers 
2004-10-03 Mold Issue To Be Continued 
2004-10-03 Mold In Schools Draining Funds 
2004-10-03 Mold Infests Court 
2004-10-03 Mold House 
2004-10-03 Mold Found In Canton School 
2004-11-05 Mold becoming more of a problem in Central California homes 
2004-11-17 Manitoba First Nation sues feds 
2004-10-05 Mold, rats and crowding plague school 
2004-10-03 Mold Cleanup Problem Persists 
2004-10-14 Please Assist the Children's Angel Fund 
2005-01-14 Sandra Bullock settles toxic tort case 
2005-01-13 Oregon; A man's fungal infection ends in death 
2005-01-12 Lawsuit settled over mold in Iowa state building 
2005-01-08 Massachusetts apartments receive aid to fight mold problem 
2005-01-08 North Dakota; GFK reports mold problem 
2004-12-27 Mold spreads misery 
2004-12-16 Japan; Wild edible fungi is toxic 
2004-12-01 Ohio family spends thousands to rid mold from home 
2004-11-23 Canada-Deadly tropical fungus settles in B.C. 
2004-11-22 Florida courthouse closed due to mold 
2004-11-19 Fungus killing city trees 
2004-11-14 SIUE sells bonds for mold fix 
2004-10-21 Trinity Homes and Beazer Homes, its parent, agree to fix about 2,000 houses 
2004-10-21 Ministries differ on fungus woes at Johor hospital 
2004-11-07 Florida; county officials hear mold complaints 
2002-08-21 2nd Insurance Firm To End New Policies 
2004-10-03 86-acre fungus found in Swiss Alps 
 Organization News [ TOP ]


 Advertising [ TOP ]
2012-07-20 MH Approved Mold Test Kits 

Organization Information


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 Mold Types & Images [ TOP ]
2004-10-03 Absidia 
2004-10-03 Memnoniella 
2004-10-03 More Stachybotrys Pictures 
2004-10-03 Mucor 
2004-10-03 Myrothecium 
2004-10-03 Paecilomyces 
2004-10-03 Penicillium 
2004-10-03 Phoma 
2004-10-03 Physarum Polycephalum 
2004-10-03 Aureobasidium Pullulans (Pullaria) 
2004-10-03 Rhizopus 
2004-10-03 Stachybotrys Chartarum 
2004-10-03 Stephanosporium 
2004-10-03 Fungal Gallery 
2004-10-03 Fusarium 
2004-10-03 Epicoccum 
2004-10-03 Acremonium 
2004-10-03 Alternaria 
2004-10-03 Arthrinium 
2004-10-03 Ascospores 
2004-10-03 Aspergillus 
2004-10-03 Helminthosporium (Bipolaris) 
2004-10-03 Botrytis 
2004-10-03 Candida Albicans 
2004-10-03 Chaetomium 
2004-10-03 Cienowskia Reticulata (Myxomycetes - Physarales) 
2004-10-03 Cladosporium 
2004-10-03 Cylindrocarpon 
2004-10-03 Trichoderma 
 Fungal Infections [ TOP ]
2005-05-13 Aspergillosis 
2020-08-10 Fescue toxicosis 
2005-09-10 Zearalenone, zearalenol, and the estrogenic syndrome 
2002-02-09 Deoxynivalenol (vomitoxin) poisoning and feed refusal in swine 
2003-08-05 T-2 mycotoxins and biological warfare-the same destructive agent as indoor mold 
2005-09-16 Primary fungal diseases among the bird species 
2005-09-10 Ergot and ergotism 
2003-09-30 Trichothecenes, T-2, HT-2, diacetoxyscirpenol (DAS) mycotoxin poisoning 
2005-08-05 (South American Blastomycosis) 
2005-08-05 Sporotrichosis 
2003-08-04 Slobber syndrome and facial eczema 
2001-08-25 Ochratoxin, citrinin, and penicillic acid (nephrotoxins) poisoning 
2005-09-10 Fusarium mohilforme and blind staggers in horses 
2005-05-14 Sporotrichosis 
2005-05-14 Systemic Fungal Disease - Mycotoxicosis 
2003-04-08 Aflatoxicosis 
2004-10-03 Blastomycosis 
2004-10-03 Mucormycosis (Zygomycosis; Phycomycosis) 
2004-10-03 Entomophthoromycosis Condiobolae Chronic Rhinofacial Zygomycosis Rhinoentomophthoromycosis 
2004-10-03 Mucormycosis 
2005-03-17 Candidiasis 
2005-09-10 Fusarium equiseti and tibial dyschondroplasia in poultry 
2005-09-27 Mycoplasma infections 
 Private Research [ TOP ]
2004-10-03 Biography: August Karl Joseph Corda 
2005-11-05 MHS finds answers to hidden health hazards 
2003-06-17 Chronic sinusitis sufferers have enhanced immune responses to fungi according to NIH 
2005-11-17 Moldy foods - research from the USDA 
2005-12-22 Deadly fungus gene code resolved 
2005-07-17 Mold proven to be the cause of severe asthma 
2006-01-17 Garlic inhibits fungal growth and protects food 
2007-02-25 Finding Mold Inspectors who can really help you understand your situation 
2007-02-25 Dogs Becoming the Weapon of Choice in Mold Detection 
2008-07-28 Austin Duraclean 
2006-09-01 The house plant remedy 
2005-08-04 The toxic effects of fungal exposure 
2005-08-04 Cancer and mold toxins: another way indoor mold harms humans 
2005-07-12 The life cycle of fungi 
2004-10-04 Mold-Help Glossary of Terms 
2004-10-03 Molds, Yeast, Fungi And Mold Toxins 
2004-10-03 How carcinogenic effects in moldy foods differ from carcinogens in VOC's 
2004-10-03 Toxic Mycotoxins 
2004-10-03 Molds, Yeast, Fungi And Mold Toxins 
2004-10-03 Fungalbionics 
2004-10-03 Mycotoxin List 
2005-03-11 Walnuts' Anti-Aflatoxin Ally: Gallic Acid 
2010-10-27 The Mold Help Solution 
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