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How mold ruined this life   PDF  Print  E-mail 
Posted by Susan Lillard  
Sunday, 03 October 2004

I will attempt to tell you the reality of the war, the chase, and its effects. If their had been help, if their had been a bomb shelter, if there had been a reaching hand, if there is any reaching hand I PRAY LORD PLEASE HEAR OUR CRIES.

I was engaged, in love and anticipating our dreams of plans of good and not evil to give a hope and a future. Art, my fiance, lived in Soap Lake, Washington. I lived in Seattle. We were excited about our new found love and our future lives. I sold my business and home. My daughter and I moved to Soap Lake, Wash. on June 26th, 98. I was so happy with being able to start a new life, a new future with a man who loved both my daughter and I. My new home was with a view of a lake and quiet country setting. My dream was a becoming a reality of becoming a bride, staying home, and home schooling my daughter was right before me. July 1st I awoke sick, fatigued with achy joints etc. The odors became pungently noticeable and symptoms became severe. July 10th of 98'I called the Dept of Health. The first discovery of the mold began to be a future of 41/2 years of horror. I now live with a family, on DSHS, too sick to work, my lover gone, I lost my daughter and now have bad credit and huge debts. To our discovery we found that Art's crawl space had a 1 to 2 inch thick carpet of Aspergillus 16x22. This large massive amount was a lethal bomb blasting, tearing and renting into every space of our lives. Its extreme levels seemed endless to contain, it chased us and our lives for 2 years straight without escape or breath.


We soon evacuated the premise sandwiching into a R.V. For about 2 weeks we were a clean sanitized machine. Only now our new home became as sick as the 1st. Now we had two "sick buildings." In my discovery I had brought in contaminated can goods sealed in a plastic bag. Art and I unloaded our R.V. at my friends house in Seattle, stripping her bare, scrubbing and cleaning with bleach down to the toothbrush and tiniest corner. Everything was either tossed or bleached. We spent 100,000.00..... on new clothes, laundry and enviro-equipment, R.V.'s, remodeling,lose of work, and medical bills. Art ran into the house collapsing at the sink, white as a ghost crying, "I think I am having a heart attack," as he fell on the floor reaching for his heart. I immediatly called 911. He was released with having an diagnoses of having an allergic shock reaction. The next day my best friend began to complain about having some of the same symptoms.

I immediately had Art dehumidify my friends house to bring down the moisture levels. It saved her and her house from another disaster. We were trying to be careful but just our breath I believe, was contaminating.

We camped next at the in laws. The R.V. never could be cleaned without being cinderalla and scrubbing it again, again..... We Parked the old, and purchased another R.V. It had been all summer that we had been chased. Art and I separated. I was so sick I lived in 2 motels with my daughter trying to find some air that I could breath, the library,and grocery stores seemed to make me SICK. We came back together in October parking in front of the moldy house in our new R.V. using fans to dry the underside of the house. You see the Lake had gone beyond the flood stage. It is regulated by Grand Coulee Dam (The Burea of Reclamation)and 4 water pumps in the lake. Art's home became sick because of the aqua levels rising under the home from the flood. The pumps were turned on only after the flood stage had been reported and grossly neglected. Our parked new R.V. was breezed from October windy hot days and fans blowing air out of a cut hole from the underside of the home. I began to notice the ODOR. I quickly commented to Art, "that I think the mold is at such a high level that it is breezing in through windows". It was to late. The killer bomb hit and blow up the new R.V. It became our next horror. It's now November 98.'Art's being rushed to emergancy his thoart swollen shut from mold with a piece of turkey lodged in it. After 31/2 hours of drug treatment our attempts failed.

Thanks to Coke it saved him from surgery. Since the R.V. was bad, my daughter and I moved into a trailer next door. We lived there for 4 months until the house was healed enough to move in too, Or so I thought. I latter had to have surgery on my knee for a torn ACL. That killed all the good bacteria in my body. In Nov 98' we now knew we have to dig a basement because the crawl space wouldn't dry with fans. Hiring ex-jail birds was the only way we could keep the costs cut. Art refinanced his house and after 1 year of remodeling we thought we were done but, it was still to sick to live in. In January of 2000, I frantically cleaned every 3 days from ceilings, to cupboards ,to walls, to floors and but it would grow back again and again...

My daughter and I left and bought a home and started a new business to start fresh in March of 2000 only to find my health not improving but getting worse. By this time I was violently throwing up and diarrea with 3 pages of symptoms. At that time Art traded in his two moldy R.V.'s for another nicer R.V. We then soon discovered a scientist that we meet through a friend that sweared that he had a test sample of a mold product he had formulated that would distroy the problem. Art and I were relunant, I had been like a dog in the hunt to find a product that would work. God heard and the home was cured.

The bomb always has a aftermath. I ran out of money and the credit cards became high. I was still in a emergancy. I couldn't seem to get back on my feet. I was in bed 15 hours a day, vomiting and no help. The rest of the time I was trying to be a mom and homeschool. My daughter and I soon had to move out out of our new house. We were going to have to live in a single wide that I owned that was with no heat and a couple of lights. So my daughter packed and left to Seattle to live with her dad. I got worse in a cold home but my faith was that I would heal. I tryed to sell cookware for a business it was too country and the wrong market. I went to 6 doctors and not one helped. I was told I was mentally ill that was why I had so many symptoms. One laughed and said mold can't cause all those symptons and can't get in the blood. I then had to move back into my house as my renters only lasted for 2 months. This time a family of 5 moved in, I was disperate not to loose my new home. It was a mad house with 4 kids.

I was hired by a news paper company as a sales ad rep. It lasted 4 months. I had hurt my back really bad, my knee not repaired well I fell on concrete on all four limbs too, I collasped in a pool of pain. I gave up, went on DSHS. and rented out my house again! By this time I had lost my car. No place to live and on 209.00 dollars from DSHS. Art decided to buy me a truck and camper for 500.00 to live in. I moved to Seattle to live closer to my daughter, parking my camper during the summer of 2002 at my best friends home. It didn't last at my friends home because of the stress of her brother passing away. So, I was homeless living in parking lots of stores and very sick.

I was then pulled over by the police for a hit and run that I didn't know I did (My camper scratched the hood of her roof)I cryed for help and they took me into a mental health ward. I was released in 3 days. I prayed and the Lord opened the door to park my truck and camper at a church where they gave me 100.00 to see a doctor in Yakima Washington that began treatment. I had aspergillus, black mold, candidia, a bacteria infection,and Epstein Barr in my blood. From the fall my back had two vertebras that have fuzed in my lower back and my neck had a bad whip lash. I live on very little money to really recover. I am slowly healing on what nutritional supplements I can afford, candidia diet, rest,exercise and pysical therapy but it so tiring and slow. I am thankful for the prays of my friend and families. My life will never be the same. I don't know if my health will return back to me but my faith lives on. It is quit a contrast of running your own business and home for 19 years. Sking on slopes at Crystal, having enough money for Christian School, and an example to lives around me.

My life is with a beautiful Christian family that support my efforts to heal. Please pray or you can e-mail Art or I can help you, we would love too in any way. Our mold spray is incrediable and the scientist passed it by E.P.A.

Deborah S.
Seattle, Washington

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