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Wednesday, 10 July 2002

Written by: M. Gainsburg

In 2001 I leased a Jeep Cherokee 4x4. From the first month on we had a terrible odor in the car , sometimes we had to air it out 10 min. before we would get in. Needless to say the dealer said this and that. They deodorized the air conditioner and what not.

It took a year for them to figure it was a leak in a small feed to the air conditioner. In that year my 1 year old baby had suffered 2 seizures and had constant runny nose.

This all stopped after they fixed the problem and changed the carpets. It was mold, I'm sure of it and that is why I am involved with toxic mold and mold testing for all situations today. Its not just in the house, it could happen anywhere. Just run your baby to hospital once or twice, then you become aware.

Matthew L.

New Wales, PA

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