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Kelly's cry for help   PDF  Print  E-mail 
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Sunday, 08 June 2003

First of all I would like to thank Susan (the author of this site) for giving me all the info on "stachy" and the horrible terrible affects of it. Before moving into an apt.,.....which at the time I had no idea there was mold , I was a very healthy person and had hardly ever seen a doctor, I had no reason to. My daughter was only ten month's at the time we moved in and she started having ear infections and constant throat infections about a month after we moved in.

About six months after living there is when I started coming down with everything anyone had cold, cough, flu and so on. Well it just became worse, and worse it affected my menstrual cycle the most in the beginning, but I just thought it was bad PMS, until the fourth year living there. This is when I could not understand why I felt so mind was awful, I felt soooo sleepy all the time, mad at everything and drugged out. Then I got knocked on my ass from what the doctor said was an ear infection and my equal Librium was off, I couldn't walk...I had to crawl around my apt. for three days...sick to my stomach w/horrible headaches.

Well it only got worse and I couldn't move my neck some days and my wrists always hurt, I continuously got weird rashes and vaginal bleeding for no reason. My time at the doctor was at least 2-3 times a week; they thought I was a freak! I felt the poison running through my blood for about a week and I was sent to a G.I. specialist, which did every test possible and found a hiatal hernia....a hole in my stomach lining. By this time my daughter was also getting the neck, and wrist pains, along w/terrible headaches and stomach aches.

Every night I had to hold her while she screamed in excruciating pain from at the time I did not know what. I lost my very good job, decide to remove my daughter form the apt. after realizing it must be something in the apt., because now not only her and I were sick but my neighbor upstairs apt. had the same thing. I became more sick and really tired but was determined to find out what was in this apt. to prove to myself I had not lost my mind, well not all of it at least... I have to laugh to get through this. My apt. was tested and it came back positive for stachybotrys and his friends that come w/him. I have been out of this apt. since march of 2002 but am still very sick an so is my daughter, I don't think the people who live in this complex are aware how dangerous this stuff is and I wish there was some way I could get to see a doctor fro my daughter and I to find out what we really have. I would also like to see this apt. complex knocked down...many people , mostly children are very ill and have no idea why........this is truly a real horror story. Thank you for this web site.

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