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Posted by Susan Lillard  
Saturday, 04 August 2012

August 3, 2012 

We have been receiving many questions and will include some on this page.

Q. Should I be concerned about black mold in a home that is 102 years old?

A. When you say “black mold” exists in your home it could mean many things.  Over 100,000 types of mold are black colored.  I recommend you have the mold tested to see if it is dangerous.

Some people are not affected by poisonous mold as much as others.  If you have lived in the home for many years and it appears that you have no symptoms at all then it may either be somewhat safe or you have an incredibly strong immune system.  The fact is that mold affects everyone in different ways.

My son developed seizures living in a mold infested home that the landlord refused to do anything about. There are so many specific reasons why I know it was the mold that caused his neurological symptoms

Q. The landlord took our deposit when we moved claiming there was a small patch in my son’s room that hasn't been wiped when it actually had but grew back by the time he finally went to look at the house. It was listed in writing from the landlord and the location was right where my sons head was near when he slept every night for 6 years!

A light bulb came on and after tons more research I can say with certainty that is the cause. We moved and his migraines and all seizures went away completely!  Too many other reasons to list here but I need to find a doctor who is familiar with mold causing neurological problems. No one seems to know anything!  

I can't get an attorney to even talk to me without being able to even half way link it. The last 3 years have been devastating for my son and he has about given up on his dream of going into law enforcement all because of this situation. This occurred in southern California and we now live in Seattle. Any help or direction you could possibly give us would be so appreciated.

A. Over the years I have seen many people file civil suits regarding mold in their homes yet I have only seen a handful of people actually win these cases.  Litigation is a very tough experience to endure.  If you still want to pursue this you may want to talk to the only lawyer who has won such a case in the entire Pacific Northwest.  His name is Kelly Vance and his number is 509-448-2588.

You may also want to contact the University of Washington Occupational and Environmental Medicine at 206-543-6991 to assist you with your health.  Additionally, you might want to follow the Mold Help Diet for at least 3 months.  The book is available on our website.


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